About Us

Our Company which founded in 2011 with its experiences in machine production and automation sectors is enhancing with safe steps in the way to be one of the leader engineering company in its sectors with the power and trust that received from you, valuable customers. Our company with its experinced engineer team is trying to get its place in domestic and foreign markets at the levels through increasing its facilities in design, project, counseling, production and turnkey solutions.

Our Vision  

Our Vision is to provide value adding solutions with right technologies to its domestic and foreign customers,adopts to technological improvements rapidly to increase users and personnel’s satisfaction, to become one of the most-preferred solution provider for its domestic and foreign customers.  

Our Mission  

Our Misson To be a leading enterprise for the purposes of its own values, targets & strategies ; Harkom, adopts to technological improvements and changes in its field, senses to humanbeing and environment, stands firm in quality and safety of all products and services, aims satisfaction of all its business partners and customers.