MACHINES / Linear Weighing System Packaging Machine ( IM-L )
Linear Weighing System Packaging Machine
  • Linear Weighing System Packaging Machine


*Suitable for granule type of products. The target weight is controlled by linear vibration units. With respect to product type and desired speed; 2 or 4 line types are available. The magnitude of vibration level for each line is adjustable. The accuracy of each filling is controlled by tuning each line vibration magnitude. The average accuracy is depend on product type.

*All surfaces touching to products are AISI 304 stainless steel.

*Easy dismountable  collar set design.

*Package length should be controlled by print mark or feeding duration.

*Printer state is checked continiously.

*Wrapping material is feed by Servo motors.

*Servo Motor Controlled Horizontal sealing and cutting.

*Impulse or heat sealing units for different type of wrapping materials.

*Wrapping material tension is controlled continiously.

*Auotamic lateral adjustment of wrappin material.

*Suitable for CE standarts.

*7 inch touch screen wtih several languages.

Optional Fittings and Equipments

  • *Gas flushing system
  • *Product feeding screw
  • *Finished prouct conveyor
  • *Special Vacum supported belts (Increases belt life time and machine speed)
  • *Euro-Slot tool
  • *Barcode and date printer

Contact us for different type of packages, products and capacities.

Technical Data:

Width 2100mm
Length 2565mm
Height 3550mm
Weight 900kg
Speed (Package/Minute) Ürüne tipine göre değişkenlik gösterir
Package Length max:400mm
Package Width max:200mm
Film Bobbin Diameter max:400mm
Film Bobbin Width max:480mm
Power Consumption 5.5 Kw
Working Voltage 380V 3 Phase 50Hz
Air Consumption 150 lt/Minute
Air Pressure (min.) 6 Bar
Package Solutions